Welcome to The Sacred Grove!

Greetings from the Keeper of the Grove. Here you will find the most complete maps of the wonderful world of Eaxia Online, as well as other tidbits of helpful information to aid you in your travels.

Thank you for visiting and please make yourself at home. Check back for updates as new and exciting things unfold in Eaxia.

Site Overhaul

Please be patient as I overhaul the site. Going to redo the map naming scheme as well as general navigation throughout the site. Hopefully it will be much easier to use, for me and for you!

To view the old site, go here: www.leyara.eaxia.com/oldsite.

Posted on July 20, 2007 by Leyara

Musings of a Druid

A Druid in training must be a bard before he is a priest, for music is one of the keys to the laws of the universe.
~Marion Zimmer Bradley